Fantastic Freebies! True Lemon crystallized lemon substitute


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Do you want the flavor of lemon in an all-natural product without having to squeeze lemons? How about without having to spend any money?

If so, than today's Fantastic Freebie may be for you. Fill out the form and get a free sample of True Lemon Crystallized Lemon Substitute. Here's what they say: "True Lemon, True Lime, & True Orange are low carb, vitamin rich products made from fresh lemons, limes & oranges. 100% Natural. These free fruit packets samples of 100% natural crystallized citrus can be used for cooking as a great salt alternative, as part of a lemon recipe or to mix into drinks such as lemonade, lemon water, limeade, lime juice & orange juice. Adding to drinking water will encourage increased water intake and decrease the need for artificially sweetened drinks. Get a Free Sample now!"

They'll ask for your email address so they can send you a newsletter. If you're into signing up for these free samples, I recommend setting up a separate email account that you don't check regularly so that you can avoid having your inbox inundated with promotional emails.