A revolt against really ugly shoes?


I don't care how comfortable anyone claims Crocs shoes are, there is no way I will ever wear a pair. For me, they're too reminiscent of the horrible "jelly shoes" I wore as a kid. I wore jelly shoes by choice (so did you, shut up) but they were not something I want to relive. Rubbery shoes just aren't for me.

And Crocs are so darn ugly. They just have absolutely no fashion or style to them, no matter what color they're in. Sorry, there is just not enough comfort in the world that would allow me to wear them.

Then there's that whole thing about little kids getting their feet hacked up by escalators that dangerously suck the Crocs into them. I'm not willing to lose my baby toe just to wear a really comfortable but really obnoxious pair of shoes. Sorry.