Ripped off at the golf shop?

Here's a pretty convoluted story I found on the message board. Basically, this guy went to Golf Galaxy and purchased a club for $60 and then received this phone call: "The sonartec club you purchased 2 weeks ago shouldn't have been for sale. It was an employee's club getting serviced or something. Would you do a big favor and bring it back in? I would appreciate it very much and we will take care of you!"

So this good Samaritan drives 60 miles to return it, and is offered a $100 used driver as a trade. Not satisfied, he asked to be upgraded to a $250 driver and was told that he couldn't have it. He ended up settling for some golf balls because he didn't want the driver he was offered.

So here's the question: did he get ripped off?

I don't think so. The store offered him a $100 club in exchange for the $60 one, which seems reasonable. But if the customer really wanted the $250 driver, he should have fought harder for it. He had the guy's club! Here's what I would have said:

Clerk: "Sorry but the $100 club is the best we can do.

Customer: "I understand that but I did pay for this club and drive 60 miles to return it to you, even though I had no obligation to do so. I just don't think that the driver I want is too much to ask. I'm just not satisfied with the club you're offering, and so I think I'm going to just keep what I originally paid for. I'm going to leave now. Here's my cell phone number. Call me if you want to trade me the club I want."

And then I would have left with the original club, gambling that I'd be receiving a phone call within a few minutes of leaving. The employee probably wanted his club back.

Of course, hardball tactics like this would probably not be worth it if it's a store you frequent. But if your goal is to get the club you want for the price you want, I think it's your best bet.
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