Seven tips to scoring scalped tickets


The best seat I've ever had at a baseball game was a box behind the visitor's dugout, watching the Reds host the Cubs. Better yet, I bought it at a steal from a season ticket holder who was unable to attend that night.

Yep, I bought a scalped ticket. If you know the laws and, crucially, how those laws are enforced (if at all), and follow a few guidelines, you might be able to score a coup, too.

1. Have realistic expectations. Don't expect to buy scalped tickets to a sure-fire sellout. The only time I was shut out was on a Saturday at Wrigley Field, and I should have known better.

2. Know what a real ticket looks like. Arrive early at the stadium and ask a friendly-looking fan to hold up his ticket for you, explaining that you want to avoid buying a counterfeit.