New Games For the Week of April 17th


NEW Games:

Hearts (web, card & board)
Enjoy a classic game of Hearts but watch out for the Queen of Spades!

The Rise of Atlantis* (web, downloadable, puzzle)
Travel around the ancient Mediterranean and collect all 7 powers of Poseidon to raise Atlantis from the depths of the sea!
*Now with STARS enabled!

Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier (downloadable, arcade)
Work to bring the elusive Copperhead Gang to justice.

Can You See What I See (downloadable, puzzle)
Find the rare items and solve the secret code to unravel the mystery.

Miss Teri Tale (downloadable, puzzle)
Someone has kidnapped poor little Jason - can you, Miss Teri Tale, get to the bottom of this tragedy?

Magical Forest (downloadable, arcade)
Discover and raise strange magical creatures and become the best durn monster rancher in the kindgom!

The Scruffs (downloadable, puzzle)
Join the Scruffs on a fun journey of love and self-discovery as they work together to save their beloved home.

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