USA Today wants to hear from 'foreclosure victims'; who I'd like to hear from


The USA Today

is looking for interviews with struggling homeowners facing foreclosure victims:

Victim of foreclosure?

We want to hear from you. USA TODAY is looking for people who have gone through foreclosure or who are facing foreclosure, who would be willing to share their stories during the current housing crisis.

I certainly have sympathy for many people who are on the brink of losing their homes, but there is another, perhaps less tear-worthy, side to this. Consider:

  • Many of these wonderful people facing foreclosure are trashing their homes before they leave: knocking holes in walls, dumping paint on carpets, etc. All because they couldn't make the payments they contractually agreed to make.

  • Some are even leaving their pets behind, not even having the decency to take Fluffy to a shelter.

  • A large chunk of the subprime loans in foreclosure are the result of mortgage fraud. Speaking on CNBC, Larry Kudlow suggested that 70% of subprime borrowers in foreclosure lied on their loan applications.

So here's who I'd like to hear from: people who lied on their loan applications, are facing foreclosure, and acting like 4-year olds about it. If you have taken no responsibility for the plight that you yourself created but are ready to fess up, we'd love to talk to you.

If we use your story, I'll send you a free package of Kashi Mountain Medley granola.