I Know My Kid's a Star - the halfway point


It's good to know that we're reaching the halfway point this week on "I Know My Kid's a Star." The sooner this horror show is over, the better. True, it pales beside what has happened and is happening to the children from the LDS sect in Texas but it's no picnic for the kids on VH1 either. Some things are incompatible with the "best interests of the child," and I would argue to the end that striving toward stardom is one of them.

Last week's show was all about children as "brands." One mother had come in with the photo that showed her child's particular "look." Sounds like cattle being branded to me. Another mother was described as"very protective which is a great instinct as a Mom, but as a manager, you're going to have to push harder."

Actually, that's the whole point: being a mom and being a manager are incompatible.