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Today in the mail I received a shirt, etched glass and rebate for a bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey. I'll let that settle in, free alcohol! This is just the latest in a long line of freebies I have received over the years in exchange for providing word of mouth marketing. For my time and so I can accurately talk about their products I have received; Big Red gum, 5 gum, a subscription to TV Guide, a bottle of Hornitos Tequila, Listerine Whitening Strips and more. In exchange for these items all I have to do is provide honest buzz for the product and to report my word of mouth activities.

All of these different products were provided to me as a BzzAgent by Central Hive, which is what we call headquarters. Being a BzzAgent is both fun and rewarding, not only do you get free and discounted products, but often times you get them before the general public. After you join a campaign to spread buzz, a package is shipped out to you which usually includes a sample, background, suggested opportunities for buzzing and coupons to share.

I received no compensation for writing this post and I will not blog about anything I am paid to promote. That's how we roll here at WalletPop!
Now that you have your free product the rest is really up to you. You can do nothing and enjoy a freebie or you can spread some buzz, fill out a few reports and gain points as a BzzAgent. The more reports you provide about spreading word of mouth, the higher you will be rated. The higher your rating is, the quicker you can join a campaign, which is important as the good ones fill up fast.

If free stuff sounds good to you, joining is easy and you can do it online right now. If you are looking for another company to do word of mouth for, beware of any program which makes you pay to join or that doesn't require you to disclose that you are being compensated for talking about the product. The BzzAgent company provides a great set of guidelines for talking about products including disclosure that you are an agent. Did I mention free stuff? Go sign up today.

Josh Smith is a BzzAgent who loves free stuff more than you will ever know.
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