Be nice to your noggin with a good bicycle helmet


Daily Deal for Wednesday, April 16th - Giro Encinal bicycle helmet, $34.99 (reg. $44.99) from Performance Bikes.

Nothing strikes me as sillier than seeing a bare-headed adult bicycling with a helmeted child. Does he think that his head isn't vulnerable? Is he trying to teach his child that helmets are for children? Or does the prospect of becoming a drooling fool less distressing than having his hair mussed?

Fortunately, for those who understand that even the best cyclist is at the mercy of the elements and drivers, dogs and weather, Performance Bikes has a sale on a very good everyday helmet, the Giro Encinal. This 2006 model is light as a feather and vented to alleviate the hothead problem, yet offers excellent protection. A snap-on visor is a nice touch for sunny or drizzly days.

If this isn't your style, the company has many other models on sale as well.