American economic difficulty: A slightly different perspective


Things are getting pretty bad out there in our retail consumerist world, with businesses shutting down and people scrambling for good jobs. I hear a lot of negative sentiment regarding foreign manufacturing and how it has cost America many good paying jobs. I have fought in that camp. I'm a manufacturing veteran.

But I'm also a realist, at least most of the time I am . One thing that I think people often forget is that the importation of goods also creates many good jobs. Look at our ports. Someone has to unload all those ships. Someone also has to move those containers from the docks to waiting trains and trucks. The logistical stream employs tens of thousands of people. Shipping, tracking, warehousing and order fill all need to be done. Then there's the retail level where someone sells you the goods. They advertise, they display, they promote, then they deliver. Someone also has to service those foreign made goods in shops and garages across the country.

It just doesn't make good sense to spend valuable energy crying over lost manufacturing jobs. If you have a gripe which warrants attention, get thirty of your biggest, ugliest buddies and make a trip to visit your senator. Show him or her pictures of your kids and the house you'd like to keep. Then show them pictures of the regions where government regulation and union hard balling has sent your jobs. Any constructive suggestions you may have, we'd all be happy to listen to. But if you're just in the game to cry "woe is me," excuse me but I have some business to attend to.

Take stock America, while you're still a bit in control. You're smart, strong and driven, or at least you always were. Let someone else complain that they're ruined. Tell 'em you have something better to do. Starting over doesn't have to be anything less than an adventure. I know, because I've done it several times and now I'm writing about it too.

Gary Sattler is a freelance blogger and he knows exactlywhat recovering from loss is all about.