Two GB Sony USB flash drive $12.95, Staples


The Daily Deal for Monday, April 14: You can never have too many flash drives around your office and this deal on Sony Microvault drives at Staples is well worth stocking up on. You can get a 2 GB drive for $12.95, which is a steal, and would make a great present for all those upcoming graduation parties you will be attending. If you are feeling generous, you could splurge on the 4 or 8 GB models which are $24.98 and $49.99 respectively. $12.95 is about the best price I have seen for a name brand 2 GB flash drive in a long time, the deal is even better given you can pick it up in store and don't need to waste any extra cash on shipping. The higher capacity drives while a bargain aren't the best deal you can find but are still a good deal if you need a high capacity drive in a hurry.

The drive features a retractable USB port so you don't need to worry about losing a cap during your busy day. The unit is also small so it should easily fit into your backpack or purse. Don't pick up any of these drives if you are looking to use the Readyboost feature in Windows Vista, as it appears that none of these drives will work to speed up your system. You can't beat this deal for the combination of size, form factor, price and convenience.