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paper work
paper work

After having recently seen the fallout from dealings bonded only by a handshake, you may feel the need to get documentation the next time you or your small business enters an agreement. A few years ago you would have made your way to a pricey lawyer to ask them to draw up an agreement for you. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and user generated content you can now find loads of legal documents online which will not only save you money but prevent frustration in the event your next deal goes sour.

A new service called Docstoc provides loads of legal documents which are useful for a plethora of situations all for free! The service includes user prepared wills, NDA agreements, real estate paperwork, lease/rental agreements and many others. Docstoc also provides excel documents which provide a great starting point for tracking your small business or hobby expenditures. If you can't find the document you are looking for, there is also a request feature letting you harness the Internet hive mind to meet your needs. The layout and design is really flashy and lets you preview all of the documents before signing up or downloading.

As with anything you find online you should use your best judgment to find a document which meets all of your needs. If you aren't an expert, you may be best served by finding the document at Docstoc, customizing it for your situation and then having a lawyer give it a once over. This could provide savings over what you would have originally paid if Dewey Cheatem & Howe prepared the whole agreement for you.

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