Richard Simmons DVD box set: 36% off at Amazon!

It's April 13th, and that means that you're running out of time to get in shape for summer. Granted, Richard Simmons' lighthearted workouts probably won't get you a beach body but, if your goal is simply to look less like a beached whale, they might do the trick.

For $31.99 on Amazon, you can get the 5-DVD set "The Complete Collection of Sweatin' to the Oldies."

I know it's corny but it's so lame that it's almost cool. What better way to show that you don't care what people think about you than to invite 4 of 5 friends over for a night of sweatin' to the oldies?

Of course, Richard Simmons DVDs might not be the best use of money. Do you really need to see his flabby thighs in hi-def? You can buy a lot of 10 Richard Simmons VHS tapes on eBay for a lot less money. And if you're the literary type, you can get his autobiography used on Amazon for a penny plus shipping.

If you're into exercise videos, check your local library before you spend any money. If you have a Netflix account, they have many available online for instant streaming.