Garden Jewel Hummingbird Feeder, $8.25, Perky Pet

hummingbird feeder
hummingbird feeder

The Daily Deal for April 13, 2008

Although we just had 10 inches of new snow dropped on us here in the Great Northwoods, the time will be coming soon enough when our little hummingbird friends will return to us for the summer. Anyone who has ever experienced the wonderful joy that hummingbirds can bring has truly been blessed. It's even better when you can entice a group of them to spend the summer with you.

Perky Pet is offering a special price on one of it's favorite hummingbird feeders. This 10 oz. capacity Garden Jewel nectar feeder is made with tempered glass and features three feeding stations which are shaped like flowers. Large red blossoms really attract those hummers. I sold hummingbird feeders from Perky Pet for a number of years and I can personally attest that the company really knows what birds and bird watchers like. This feeder also features a reversing funnel cap which helps to make filling and cleaning much easier.

Perky Pet's special price of $8.25 represents an excellent deal on this feeder. The regular price for this item is $13.14, which still isn't half bad. You can also buy specially formulated hummingbird nectar directly from Perky Pet. It is colored red to attract the little flying creatures and it contains nutrients essential to hummingbird happiness.

Perky Pet ships via UPS. Please consult the company website to estimate your shipping charges.