Fanastic Freebies! Unisex colognes in strange scents


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Colognes can get so boring. I mean, sometimes you just don't want to smell sexy. You want to smell like ... burning rubber? Or an ash tray. Or perhaps even fresh bread. A company called Weird Fragrances is offering free unisex cologne samples in exchange for your mailing address and email address. They aren't available in stores, but Weird Fragrances will email you when they are.

The choices: Grease Monkey, The Love of Money, Pumpkin Spice, Cajun Delight, Burning Rubber, Fourth of July, Ash Tray, Magazine Pages, Fresh Bread, and Hot Cookies.

I can't imagine that these will be a hit. Pumpkin spice is great for a candle, but for a person? Do you have a desire to cuddle up next to someone who smells like an ash tray?

But it's a free sample, so I'm willing to give it a shot.

A quick tip: If you like requesting free samples, set up a separate email account for them so that you won't find your inbox inundated with "special offers."