The economy explained through lolspeak

ben bernanke
ben bernanke

What happens when you cross an Internet meme with a down-turned economy and a fear of the "R" word? You end of with LOLFEDa site dedicated to using the current downturn in the economy to bring humor to the masses through lolspeak. While the site's creator pulls in characters such as Rodney Dangerfield and the cast of The Big Lebowski the best captions occur when Ben Bernanke gets his Lolspeak on.

I don't know if I have ever found political and economic commentary this hilarious. Even if you are completely over the use of lolspeak you can still find a gem in these pictures of our country's economic leaders. I can't get enough of these masterpieces, be sure to check out "Emo Bernanke" before you move on. Something about sharply dressed men in odd poses mixed with bad grammar hits my funny bone. Is that so wrong?