Save money on liquor with an alcohol potluck


First New York raises cigarettes to $9 a pack then my local ice cream stand tacks on higher prices due to a 9% increase in the cost of ice cream all of these price rises and talks about a recession are enough to drive a man to drink. Thankfully Serious Eats has compiled a list of ways to save money while still enjoying drinks. While anybody can cut back on consumption to save some cash it takes dedication to drink good on the cheap. While I still like to consider myself a Maker's Mark man I can easily switch over to beer and lesser known brands of liquor in order to keep maxing out contributions to my 401k.

Tough times call for tough measures which includes breaking out the cocktail glasses in order to make your bottle of spirits go the extra mile. Another way to save money on drinks while entertaining is to fashion yourself an alcohol potluck. The host provides the dinner and dessert while guests all bring their favorite bottles along to share. Having a potluck is a great way to share your favorite brand with friends as well as sample a new drink with little risk. At the end of the night rather than filling up your host's liquor cabinet play a quick round of white elephant to send each party-goer home with a bottle for their own shelf.

As your vices rise in price how do you plan to deal?