Kids clothes at Kohl's: $4!


OK, so Kohl's might not be the classiest place to shop for kid's clothing. But for little boys who are active -- and more concerned about stealing that base than keeping their clothes clean -- there are advantages to having a good amount of semi-disposable clothing in your home. The kind of stuff that won't make you freak out if it gets a grass stain.

Right now Kohl's has a pretty good assortment of budget priced children's apparel: $4 t-shirt, $8.80 polos, $9.60 pajama sets and, most impressively, a $2.10 microfleece camouflage jacket -- 90% off!

If your child's a skateboarder, the Tony Hawk Collection is 30-40% off.

To browse through the children's sale items, click here.