Fantastic Freebies! Caress Brazilian Exotic Oil Infusions Body Wash


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Just in time for for the warm months, Caress brings you a free sample of its Brazilian Exotic Oil Infusions Body Wash. Here's the PR on it:

  • Sensuous.

  • Want to discover a Brazilian inspired beauty secret?

  • Caress Exotic Oil Infusions captures the magnificence of exotic oils in a body wash!

  • Enliven your skin with the vivacious charm of Brazil in this authentic Cream Oil formula.

  • The unique fusion with a blend of passion flower cream and acai fruit oil silkens skin, leaving a luscious, irresistible sheen.

  • With skin this sensuous - you'll mesmerize everyone around you!

You can mesmerize everyone around you for free? Now that's a good deal! And if you decide you like the free sample, this is pretty affordable as body washes go. A 15 ounce bottle is $5.49 at Walgreens.