You could be standing on your fortune


Are you an entrepreneur? Do you tear your hair and your wallet out seeking a product that is both affordable to produce and profitable? Perhaps you're looking too far up the food chain. Think primordial; think mud.

For example, consider Dead Sea mud. The Israeli company Ahava has the exclusive right to dredge and sell this mud, which it wholesales as well as produces under its own label. It offer tubs of the whipped-chocolate colored sludge as a beauty aid, claiming its mineral grains cleanse the skin, moisturize and youthanize the skin. A 11-lb. tub of the golem protoplasm as sold by Cleopatra's Choice will set you back $59.99. For mud.

Every baseball used in a pro game is first rubbed up with mud by the umpires to improve the player's grip on it. Not just any mud will do, though. Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud is the only approved rub, and it is dipped from a secret Delaware River basin location by descendents of Lena. The baseball mud is much dearer than Dead Sea mud, selling for $51.75 for a 2 lb. tub.

With fortunes being made selling mud and water, why waste time on invention? My business plan is to sell air-- special air from the top of Mt. Long in Colorado. Watch for my coming online store at