To save on gas, just use cash!


I am an avid weekend commuter. With family and friends four states away, I get to see the varying gas prices along my weekend route.

Currently, the average price of car life giving blood is $3.28 in Maryland, and just last week I went in search of the ever elusive just-a-few-cents-cheaper gallon. I came across a rinky-dink station, with blaring red neon signs that read, "Regular $3.19", JACKPOT! Then I see the blaring blue sign, "CASH ONLY." Uhhh, seriously?

I realize it's one of those smaller chain gaseterias, and that I will now have to find my way to a bank to get, yick, "cash." I really do like the ease of swiping a debit card and being on my way, call it spoiled if you want. I guess being able to accept cards costs the station owners money, so if they're willing to pass on the savings for not using credit machines, I'll play along.