Red Bull Records: Following in the steps of Starbucks!


Red Bull and clubbing have always had a lot in common, including the tendency to cause loud thumping, uneven heartbeat, disorientation, and nausea. It's hardly surprising that the Jägerbomb (Red Bull and Jägermeister) and the ubiquitous Red Bull and vodka are among the more popular club drinks: the combination of a monster stimulant and a handy depressant is sure to liven up any evening.

Red Bull is now looking at the next logical step. By the end of 2008, you might be able to have the total Red Bull experience: listening to Red Bull music as you guzzle Red Bull cocktails and (presumably) wear Red Bull-licensed merchandise. It will be like Red Bull heaven.

Red Bull has been involved in music for years, sponsoring the Red Bull Music Academy, a sort of club music conference, in which promising young musicians and DJs meet for discussions, tutorials, and concerts. In the eleven years since it started, the Academy has become a major event in the musical community. Similarly, the Red Bull Music Labs offer workshops for youngsters who want to learn how to "make and mix music."