How logo can you go?


The first thing that struck me--halfway through AOL Money & Finance's Corporate Logo Quiz--was the realization that, wow, I really know corporate logos.

For someone who doesn't pay attention to the subtle evolutions of the GE, Disney or BMW branding, it turns out that I actually know them like the back of my hand. And, for some reason, that makes me very afraid.

But before you launch into the quiz, take a deep breath and try to relax, because it's not as easy as you think. Like, for instance, do the sun rays in the Dole logo stretch outside the "o" or stay inside? Is the familiar Pepsi globe red-on-blue or blue-on-red? Does the circular Starbucks logo actually have stars in it? How many circles are in the Target "target"? Does the Playboy bunny have a outlined or solid-white tie?

See? You're hooked.

B. Brandon Barker also writes for Political Machine.