Save money by using student labor for your health and beauty (and car) needs

massage therapyMy wife and I have an upcoming long weekend during which we are looking forward to relaxing and getting a massage. As always I was looking for ways to save money, which prompted me to check into our local massage therapy school.

As part of the schooling process to become a licensed massage therapist in Ohio and many other states students need to have a set number of hours giving massages to individuals. This requirement leads to a very nice price reduction if you are willing to have a student provided massage.

Our local school provides student massages for $25/hour compared to $50-70 at other local providers. In some regions, masseurs in training will offer free massages -- just to accumulate their needed hours! (In this case, your best course of action is to befriend a massage student! Then you can be their willing guinea pig.)
From my experience, the service is still top notch and an instructor may occasionally visit to assist and to ensure you are getting a quality massage. Finding a local massage therapy school is simple, using Google maps search for either massotherapy school or massage therapy school. If you can convince your kid to go to school to be a massage therapist you can reap even greater benefits including being on call for free massages at certain schools!

Massages aren't the only service you can tap cheap student labor for. Vocational schools are gold mines, if you happen to live near one. One of my favorite services to outsource to students is auto body repair and maintenance. Again the work is done under the supervision of an instructor, which means you don't have to worry too much.

Need more examples? Beauty schools often offer cheaper haircuts if you're willing to be worked on by a student. Schools of Dentistry often have free or cheap clinics that offer their students hands-on experience and you an affordable cleaning.

As with all of these options, demand outstrips student supply, and appointments are harder to come by. Call early and be patient as you head out to save some money.

Readers: What are your favorite student services?
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