Drinking water can make you rich!

water glass
water glass

If you are anything like me figuring out how much water you should drink per day is a rather confusing exercise. There's the long subscribed to eight glasses a day model but then there are calculators which weigh several factors in order to determine your daily H20 intake. It gets really complicated for me when I begin to factor in the effect of the pot of coffee I drink each morning. Coffee is essentially water but also a diuretic which leads to additional water loss. So now I have to down more water to replace the water I just lost because of the water I drank! Are you getting dizzy yet? Well it turns out the amount of water you need to drink to stay lead a healthy life is actually much simpler than I thought once you remove the many myths about drinking water.

NPR reports on and dispels 5 myths surrounding drinking water and its effects on the average person. The information most useful to me in the article relates to weight loss and exercise and the need for water to accomplish either task. The article states that water is an aid to dieters for being a no calorie input yet still providing substance to dieters. In my case I imbibe too much diet soda, which despite its numerous downsides the article points out as also providing a similar benefit. The best advice I gleaned from the article is to "Just drink when you're thirsty".

Adding tap water to your daily routine is an excellent way to save some extra cash too. Think of all the money you'll save by not buying sodas and other sugary drinks. Since water is also filling you should also be able to cut back on your snack budget by filling up with more water in between meals. Just remember to avoid high priced bottled water and high calorie Vitamin Water if you want to enjoy the waist slimming and pocket fattening benefits of drinking water.

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