NEC 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor, $439.99,

wide screen monitor
wide screen monitor

The Daily Deal for April 6, 2008

If you've been shopping for a wide screen computer monitor, then you've probably seen a large number of them in the price range of anywhere from $700 to $900. Those were the prices you once had to pay to get a good one but now, comes to the rescue.

Newegg is offering an NEC 24" wide screen monitor for just $439.99. That is the lowest price I could find for this monitor anywhere. It has built in speakers, a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 and comes with a three year limited warranty on parts and labor.

The twelve consumer reviews that I read about this product give it a five out of five star rating overall. The one negative review that I encountered was from a person who experienced a slight hum from the product when reducing brightness. That consumer received a replacement which likewise hummed. They were otherwise quite satisfied with the monitor. Some of the reviewers indicated a bit of disappointment, but not dissatisfaction, with the stand which comes with this monitor. It adjusts for tilt, as most monitor stands do, but there is no height adjustment, which left consumers wondering why NEC didn't supply a better stand with such an impressive monitor.

Consumers reported that these monitors are clear, bright, and easy to work with. Any mention of tech support contact gave good review on that also. The three year limited warranty is outstanding for this product category. NEC is a name well respected in the video display realm. With FREE shipping to the continental 48 states, this product offering looks like a super deal to me.