Owww! James Brown estate is on the block - Hit me!

Papa's gotta brand new bag....

Or maybe you're interested in something else? The pickings promise to be funky when the singer James Brown's estate goes on the block in July.

Court-appointed estate representatives have selected 394 lots to be sold by New York auction house Christie's International by Aug. 1.

According to press accounts, a judge ordered in February that the singer's posessions and homes be auctioned off to pay legal and tax bills. Christie's estimates his home and the stuff in it to be worth some $1.5 million. The Big Pay Back, indeed.

But it's still a man's world out there, and the list has already drawn the ire of the singer's many children and Tomi Rae Hynie Brown, who may or may not be his fourth and last wife.

Presuming the auction goes forward (like a night train), what can you reap from the Godfather of Soul? A 1974 Mercedes Sedan, (valued at $25,000). A 1941 Lincoln Continental ($35,000). 78 pairs of shoes and boots ($15,00).
I'd feel good with that 1962 Red Thunderbird (valued at $30K). .Although with things getting a little tight these days, I might have to make do with something else, such as one of the 590 listed "accessories," which includes socks, gloves, scarves and, er underwear.

Man enough to be a sex-machine like Brother James? Check out the full listing of what's available at the auction here (PDF file).
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