HughesNet says: You're all too slow

desolate landscapeIt was a great day in the North woods when we laid our 56k dial up modem to rest and undertook the next phase of our Internet entrepreneurial experience, or so we thought. We took the plunge, shelled out half a grand and had HughesNet mount a satellite dish on our front deck. "This'll be great," I told my wife, "We'll finally be up to speed." Little did I know, at that milestone moment, that my blood pressure was going to rise much faster than my download speed has.

The installation went fine. The fellow was thorough and adept. With his independent contracting work I have no issue. The problem lies in the service I receive from my new ISP. Suffice it to say that I almost wish I had my dial-up connection back.

Since hooking up to HughesNet, I'm sorry to say, we fail to successfully complete 1 out of 3 page loads. Messages such as "The server is busy," and "The connection has timed out" have become all too familiar trade words.

At first I thought the situation was par for the course. I assumed that our ISP was outrunning the outlying servers. However, that notion quickly faded as I did a bit of further testing and experimentation. It is my conclusion that the problem is specific to HughesNet.The funniest part is that the worst performing page loads are occurring in the highest frequencies from HugheNet's own servers! For instance, the day I write this, I had to make no less than seven log in attempts to get my HughesNet provided email account to twice upload in workable form. Its email software is a joke in itself (although my wife claims to like it). I find it awkward, redundant, crude, unintuitive and boring. It's like something which was hacked together in the 80's by a high school computer class.

The customer service representatives I've talked to have been nice enough, when it can be understood what they're saying. Although they assure me that they can hear me loud and clear, the experience on my end is like talking to someone in the bottom of an outhouse cistern with their mouth stuffed full of wadded up cotton. The fellow I talked to today, whom I believe was in either Bangladesh or Calcutta, assured me they could help out with my problems. He told me that I should call them the next time I had a failed page load. I guess that meant the download failures during our conversation were imaginary or something.

My plan now is simple and straightforward. I intend to keep blogging. You see, I'm a very tough hound to shake. I intend to count failed page loads between our two machines on a daily basis and then occasionally deliver my findings to the public. It's my guess that by the time I come to the end of my two-year contract with our friends over at HughesNet, they'll be only too happy to get rid of me. In the mean time, I'd like my readers to give careful consideration to who they may choose as their next Internet service provider. I would surely hate for anyone else to end up with a bald spot similar to the one I must now be developing.
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