Coffee prices come back down


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little piece about the rising price of coffee. For reasons that are unclear, the price of green Arabica and Robust coffee beans reached a 10-year high last month, resulting in considerable increases in the cost of processed coffee. Both Maxwell House and Folgers raised their prices, and experts were forecasting further increases. Surprisingly, nobody could really tell why green coffee beans had become so much more expensive.

Well, the prices have moved again. As inexplicably as its original increase, the cost of green coffee beans has apparently dropped, leading to a reduction in the price of Folgers and Maxwell House. Analysts are blaming the fluctuations on the usual suspects: higher demand, insufficient supplies, economic uncertainty, and speculation. I assume that this means that they are as confused as I. Personally, I'm convinced that an evil little man is sitting in a hollowed-out volcano somewhere giggling maniacally at the caffeine addicts who are freaking out about this whole situation. In other words, I think that we are all pawns in the hands of an evil, capricious figure with almost godlike power. Maybe it's Stephen Schwarzman.