What's Been Going On.. at games.com


While this post is nothing near as important as the greatest Motown record every made, I thought I would honor the record my making it my what's going on icon. Pretty cool I think!

Aside from my usual lists (Top Sales, Top Played, New Games) I haven't been putting up too much stuff with regards to what has been going on here at Games.com. We've had a great month with regards to what we've been graded on here at AOL. But that does not mean it's been great for our members.

We have been tackling lots of little hurdles to make the games better. If you noticed the rooms now are created dynamically when lots of people play. That
is a huge thing because now the chat won't break. It has had some ramifications. People now want to play in the most popular rooms and now they are closed! YIPES! Minor oversight on our part. We're working on it and hope to have the rooms back open soon.

Lastly, we've still got a few games in beta that have not been released. Those games will be getting the live treatment (Promotions, Stamps and Stars) very soon. The first one out the door will be Hearts followed by Spades plus one special game that we think everyone is going to love (Rhymes with Al Roker and Treo)