Have you pulled a prank yet at the office? Here are some...


Careful about pranking your fellow co-workers.

That seems to be the message out there today from a quick survey of April Fool's stories running in the newspapers. April Fool's Day was once a day when merriment, pranks and corny jokes reigned supreme, and they still do -- but always with a caveat: Be funny, but not hurtful.

My thinking on this topic started this morning when I was reading this essay on this comedic woman's web site -- now, before my guy credentials are revoked, a fellow female freelance writer sent it to me -- honestly, I'm usually at ESPN.com -- so, anyway, I'm reading this essay by comedienne and author Judy Gruen and stand-up comedian Mark Schiff, who warn everyone that if you're thinking of pulling a prank today, consider that we live in a very litigious society.