Have you changed your grocery shopping habits?


The rising food prices have hit everyone in the pocketbook. Almost no food item is immune to an increased price when the cost to make or grow food has gone up so dramatically. Probably the single biggest contributor to this problem is ethanol. Ethanol is a jackpot for corn growers, but a nightmare for consumers. While farmers sell their corn for this inefficient, expensive fuel, those who used to use corn for animal feed or ingredients in their food products are feeling the pain.

Media reports show food prices up 5% in 2007. With that kind of increase, families are forced to be more frugal with their grocery dollars, looking for bargains and buying more economical items. U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics show that a family of four now spends $904 a month for food, compared to $824 a month two years ago. I don't think it has caused a huge hardship for many quite yet, as we could all be a little more conscious of how we're spending on groceries.