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Larry's Picture with Shades
Larry's Picture with Shades

Who Am I

My name is Larry and I am the community manager for Games.com. I am your advocate! Tell me what you want to see, hear or think we should cover about your games. You can always check here for information regarding your site and what is going on at games.com. I talk fast and care about what you, I really do! If you need games help go to Games.com Help.

Where I Come From

I came to Games.com and AOL from R/GA (Robert Greenberg Associates) where I was a quality assurance engineer. I did some testing of advertising campaigns there but mostly I worked at learning more about the web. Where I really learned everything about online communities and dealing with passionate people was from SportingNews.com Fantasy Games. At the Sportingnews.com I was on the ground floor of the creation of majority of our fantasy games, I trained our customer service representatives and led a team into the unknown of launching user-created blogs.

As you can imagine in Sports there are very passionate people. We had our battles with the community but we always knew that our members were acting out of passion and caring. I feel that passion from the community is the most important thing you can cultivate. People care and I love that! The more passion that is showed the more jazzed I get! I thrive off the energy of members on our site.

What You Can Expect from Me

This part is easy. You can expect honesty, integrity, intelligence, humor and above all caring. I care so much about peoples experience on Games.com. I get upset that people sometimes can't access games. I get upset when something we launch is broken. I get upset when it takes a month to fix something that should take five minutes. As a community member, you can take solace in that I am fighting for you to get stuff fixed and get the things YOU want on the site. Please please please tell me what you want to see and if it is good idea I will bring it up and try and get it into play on Games.com

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I am a lurker in the social media and social network space. I want folks to follow me and be my friend. Here are my networks:

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