The best high protein, low fat diet you've never heard of


Could I interest you in an inexpensive, environmentally responsible meal plan which would reduce your grocery bill and possibly your waistline at the same time? Are you interested in eating foods which provide highly digestible protein, low fat content and which cost just pennies per pound to produce? Are you concerned about the handling of livestock in meat processing operations and the energy intensive production of beef cattle and other livestock for human consumption? I have the solution to all your concerns. Eat more bugs.

Ever since time began, we as a species have been eating bugs. If you ascribe to the notion of evolutionary theory, then the truth of this matter would be even more plain. In the development of our civilization, such as it is, two undeniable facts have run throughout. It takes a bi-gendered couple to procreate, and we must consume an adequate amount of calories and hydrating liquids to survive.

Bugs are all around us. The chances are, several of them are within earshot of you right at this very moment. They survive without anyone placing them in a feedlot. They're generally clean and easy to maintain. The best part might be that PETA probably doesn't give a damn about them because they're not all furry and warm with soulful eyes that pity mongers can use to extract your endless cash donations.