Guns don't kill people -- idiots with guns do


According to KCTV in Kansas City, local resident Ronald Long was installing a satellite TV dish when he ran into a snag trying to drill a hole through the house's exterior for the cable. After several frustrated attempts, Long had the bright idea to let his pistol do the work for him. He fired the .22 from inside the house toward the wall, and successfully punched a hole through to the outside.

Unfortunately, standing outside was his wife, Patsy. The bullet struck her in the chest, and she died shortly thereafter.

Add this to the long list of things you shouldn't do with a gun, which includes (courtesy of the Darwin Awards)

Testing a flak jacket by donning it and inviting others to take their best shot.

Photographing your dog holding a rifle.

Playing William Tell.

Using the insulators of overhead electric lines as targets.