Bricks and Mortar books: 40% off any book at Borders


The Daily Deal for Monday, March 31 is 40% off any book at Border's Bookstore. Yes, you have to be a Border's Rewards member to snag this deal, but signing up is free and easy. Do it now and reap the many benefits.

Such as? Such as regular discounts sent to you via email (print 'em out, bring em in). Discounts on books, DVDs and other merchandise taken at the register. Also, every purchase you make as a member goes toward your "Borders Bucks," which earn you additional discounts.

Yes, you have to actually drive to a bricks and mortar Borders, Borders Express or Waldenbooks to redeem this and other discounts you'll receive as a member, but think of it as a small price to pay to keep a physical bookstore in business. You could use a little good karma, couldn't you? Hey, at 40% off, it's not bad.