Prairie ghost camo shirts, 40% off, Bass Pro Shops


The Daily Deal for Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just in time for your next grouse hunting trip or the next live performance of Larry the Cable Guy,Bass Pro Shops is running a clearance offer on their short sleeve, Ghost Camo, t-shirts for men. I can hear it already, "My, how very North Western." In any case, these shirts are quality made of 9 oz. jersey material and are pre-washed to resist shrinkage and fading.They're the perfect thing for bow and small arms hunters who need to get in close to their quarry. They also might be helpful when sneaking back into the house after a long night out drinking with the boys, but I wouldn't count on that.

The regular price on these popular and collectible shirts was $11.99. For a limited time, Bass Pro Shops is offering these beauties in either Prairie Ghost or Ridge Ghost styles for the amazing price of just $6.88 plus $4.95 for shipping anywhere in the 50 states. The shirts are currently available in sizes of medium, large and extra large. At these prices you can easily buy one for formal dress and one for at the dog track. You might even consider sending one to your cousin Clem who lives in the Mississippi back woods, over yonder there by Brett Favre.