Graduation Expenses: Diploma Frames?


With college graduation just around the corner, at least one school's Student Government Association is sending out "IMPORTANT ADVICE FROM PARENTS OF PREVIOUS STUDENTS."

This important advice is to order a diploma frame ahead of graduation.

Just when I thought I had everything under control - the motel reservation, the graduation trip to Arizona, and weekly reminders to my son to buy a sports jacket for job interviews... - it is brought to my attention that I have overlooked this important detail. Now I only have until May 9th to call the 800 number and check on availability. If I blow the deadline the frame might not be ready for graduation day.

It seems that our state school has an, "officially endorsed diploma frame," which will allow my son's diploma and his 8"x10" photo to slip right through the back of the frame, without tools or hassles. Best of all, at no time will I or my graduate need to "surrender the diploma or wait for it to be framed."

I'll actually ask my son - since a family friend asked just yesterday what he might like as a graduation gift. I'd be really surprised if he chooses the frame. On the other hand, I think this is a fundraiser for the student government and it would be a nice parting gift to the school. Why not just so?

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