Mastodon on eBay: A mammoth purchase


Last year, in an effort to clear out my house, I put a bunch of stuff up on eBay. As I considered the piles of junk I was listing, I was impressed with the strangeness of my various collections and the disordered personality that they reflected. From a life mask of Vincent Price to a bunch of signed first editions to a collection of stuffed dolls in the shape of horror movie villains, my eBay listings bore silent witness to a twisted, eclectic personality with a poor attention span and a tendency toward oddball purchases. While I didn't want any of this stuff any more, I was strangely proud of what it said about me.

Recently, however, an eBay listing made me realize just how normal I actually am. Faced with a lack of space and an inability to use her Sauna, Nancy Fiddler recently decided to get rid of the mastodon skeleton that's been crowding her garage for the past six years.