I'm leaving on a jet plane - or a mini-van.


June 22. Less than three months away. It's the start of a 1400 mile road trip. It's a long drive; Grants, New Mexico to Columbus, Georgia. It will take about 24 hours if we drive straight through, which we plan on doing.

Why are we driving across the country? It's one of the most memorable days in a woman's life. A wedding. My wife's cousin's wedding to be exact. She's not just a cousin though, she is a best friend; a lifelong friend. My wife is the Maid of Honor. We have NO choice but to go.

We've known about this trip for a long time now. At first we were going to fly, but the cost of two adult and two child airline tickets aren't exactly cheap. Then my father in-law said he probably wasn't going to the wedding because of the cost of the same tickets. A lightbulb shined over my head, "Let's all drive there!" That set the plan in motion.