How to spend $35 to watch a bad movie


Tired of paying $8 or more for another tired Hollywood cliche of a film? Then this news from Variety isn't for you. Village Roadshow (In partnership, oddly, with the Retirement Systems of Alabama pension fund) has announced its intention to bring the ultradeluxe movie house experience it founded in Austrailia to the U.S. It will build 50 of the eight-screen Gold Class Cinemas over the next five years.

Tickets for the cinema will run around $35. For this, viewers will get reclining leather seats in 40-seat theaters equipped with a lounge and bar, conceirge service and valet parking. Waiters can be summoned to the seat with the push of button, and viewers can order food prepared by on-site gourmet chefs. This food is not included in the $35, though.

Obviously, this development is not designed for me. I wait for the dollar cinema's half-price day. Since the chances are the film is a piece of crap seems larger every year, fifty cents is a lot closer to a fair price. I'd only pay $35 for a movie if the money went to pay to have a hitman on hand to whack anyone talking on a cell phone during the feature.

thanks Boing Boing

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