Are there bullies in your 'Office Space?'


A recent article about bullies in the workplace reads like a primer for Office Space, that fine cult comedy that anyone who's ever set foot in a cube farm can relate to. With that in mind, here are some signs of bullying to watch out for, translated into some of the movie's best-loved catch phrases:

  • A case of the Mondays: You often feel physically ill at the start of each new work week.

  • Your TPS report needs a cover sheet: Your work is constantly criticized, and your mistakes are repeatedly brought up.

  • That's my stapler: Your boss is isolating you, going as far as to move your desk.

  • Yeah, I'll need you to come in this Saturday: Your boss always schedules last-minute after-hours meetings.

  • Not enough flair: Your supervisor finds nit-picky ways to ensure you'll fail at your job.