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Many people have asked me why I blog about personal things such as my money. My answer is not usually that simple, but it boils down to a couple things: support and networking.

These two things are important to me because I obviously cannot do this alone. I look to the readers for support and help on my trials and tribulations. The readers here at Walletpop have been instrumental in helping me get to where I am now, although I still have a LONG way to go.

There are many other personal finance sites out there: Mint, Wesabe, NetworthIQ to name a few. I have signed up and used all those sites. Each one of those has it's own strength's and weaknesses. One thing that they are missing is community. There is such a steep learning curve to financial issues, whether it's figuring out which credit cards to sign up for, how to consolidate a student loan, how to go about getting a mortgage, what on earth an IRA is--whatever. Sometimes people can feel alienated by their lack of experience or their debt. There are countless other people out there that are going through the same things we could all learn from each other.