Can you get rich by blogging?


The finance site 24/7 Wall Street just released its list of the 25 most valuable blogs, and the sites are worth millions of dollars. These valuable websites aren't just ordinary blogs, though. They are money machines... businesses with multiple employees, multiple streams of advertising revenues, and methods of leveraging their blogs for other money-making opportunities.

The most valuable website on the list was Gawker Properties, at $150 million, This is actually a collection of sites, which get a total of about 30 million visitors per month. Also high on the list are MacRumors (worth $85 million), a blog known for leaking Apple news, and Huffington Post (worth $70 million), a news and political website. Among the more interesting sites included on the list are DListed and PerezHilton, sites that are known for exposing people in the entertainment industry.

Can you build a blog worth millions of dollars? Probably not. These valuable sites are true business ventures that have taken a lot of time, a lot of personnel, and a lot of money to grow to what they are today. There are a few individual bloggers who have figured out how to turn their sites into advertising machines that help them earn six figures from their writing, but it's not easy and it doesn't happen fast.