What the Heck! - Issues with the site.


As many people have noticed our site has had some trouble. Yesterday we had a hard ware issue that caused the games to go down. We battled and worked to get the games back up. The games were up and down most of the day.

When the games were finally stabilized we were all excited. However, we then found out that our star rated games (Bingo, Solitaire Classic, Tri-peaks Solitaire and Slots Lounge) were having issues. Stars were simply not being awarded in those games. Once we found out about that, we had to ACTUALLY take the games down again and restart them.

Finally, at around 10 PM everything was back to normal. It was a very trying day and we thank everyone for hanging in there with us. We know you have a choice in playing games and appreciate that you have chosen to play with us.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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