Being broke is considered normal? Dave Ramsey says it is


What is wrong with us as consumers when it is considered "normal" to be broke? Weren't our parents a part of a generation who saved their money, bought things only when they needed them and had the money in hand, and generally were responsible with their money?

But one of my favorite personal finance gurus, Dave Ramsey, says that it is now commonplace to be in money trouble. And that's a sad, sad statement about our money management skills and our readiness for the future.

Dave says the best thing consumers can do to put themselves on the path toward long-term money success is pay off their debt. Consumers are victims of their own overspending, not of earning too little or being otherwise financially persecuted. He does say, however, that this generation has been "marketed-to" more than any other, and that's had a definite impact on our buying habits.