Another place to spend your pet dollar


Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?

According to the Arizona Republic, the giant pet store chain, PetSmart, which is headquartered in Phoenix and has 1,000 stores throughout North America, among others in Europe, is offering some new services in their stores. The stores have been unrolling a "doggy day camp," where you can drop off their dog for the day while you go to work guilt-free, or if you're taking a vacation, you can board them overnight at the PetsHotel, which according to the newspaper article, "includes dessert and a belly rub."

I have to say, reading about the belly-rub stopped me in my tracks at first. All I could think was, "a belly rub isn't free? And just one?" But I'll give PetSmart the benefit of the doubt that that "belly rub" is just a minimum guarantee that at the very least, your dog will get that. I'm sure if a staff member starts to rub a beagle's belly, a manager isn't going to say, "Hey, Stan, that dog has had its TLC quota. You're giving him an unsanctioned belly rub."