When home shopping goes wrong -- HSN/QVC bloopers!

One of the many enemies compulsive shoppers looking to cut back on their spending have to deal with is home shopping television. Networks like QVC and HSN make unnecessary gadgets and overpriced costume jewelry available 24/7 -- with convincing sales pitches.

But with 24/7 live-television shopping, sometimes things can go a little off-kilter. Here, courtesy of YouTube, are some of my favorite home shopping television bloopers:

Picture of a horse? Ummm ... Sir, that's a butterfly. No wait, it's a moth!

I swear, this ladder is really sturdy!

More ladder difficulties...

These knives never break! Owwww!

This guy's proud of what he uses his Dell for, and he ain't ashamed to call in and tell America.

Let me know if I missed any good ones.