Party like it's 1899...with absinthe lollipops

You gotta love a drink that's got a reputation for ruining lives and driving the creative class insane. Absinthe has always been a hit with a certain, artsy, Bo-Ho crowd. And it's lately been making a comeback, since being legalized in this country for the first time since 1912.

But until recently, finding the good stuff has always been hard. Too much of what's been smuggled into the country tastes like radiator fluid. Indeed, for a long time now, absinthe has been more a party favor than the edgy beverage of sophisticates it's supposed to be.

No longer. A small candy company in (where else?) San Francisco has created absinthe lollipops. According to its website, the inspiration for these grown-up treats came around Halloween last year, "When we found ourselves with a lot of absinthe and no candy."

Quelle horreur! But necessity is still the mother of invention. And thus Lollyphile was born.

The company also has a maple/bacon lollipop, made with real maple syrup and bacon, apparently, and promises to be hard at work on five new flavors, to be rolled out over the next few months. Can't say I'd be working too hard if I were sucking on absinthe candy all day, but maybe they're developing a tolerance.

At this time, Lollyphile is only selling its products through its website, but you can order a box of four suckers for $10, (plus shipping and handling), or a jumbo-party pack of 36 for $52. Check it out and tap into your personal Green Goddess this Spring.

But please. Don't send me your ears.
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