Good news from the Colonel


For those of us who are addicted to fast food , the latest news from Yum! Brand's KFC is worth a tip of the drumstick. The company is launching a new line of chicken that is grilled, rather than deep-fried. The new menu items are being tested now in six cities, and scheduled to go nationwide next year. A vigorous rebranding campaign is planned, including a push of the name Kentucky Grilled Chicken. KGC?

There was no mention in the press release I read, though, of any intention to stop the sale of white paste under the name mashed potatoes or thinned brown paste as gravy.

Another Yum! Brand chain, Long John Silver's, is also in the process of expanding its menu to include broiled fish and (can you believe it?) unbreaded, non-deep-fried, vegetables. While neither chain has published the nutrition information for these menu items, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will meet the standards for healthy entrees. I have my heart (and associated arteries) set on it.